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TV a La Carte

NBC has all the episodes of Heroes and Friday Night Lights available on their website from now until January.   These are two of my favorite shows; so if you're in need of some good TV this month, check them out:

Friday Night Lights: Kyle Chandler plays Eric Taylor, the new coach of a small Texan town where high school football is the main entertainment.   I love this show.   It’s realistic, moody, sweet, and has me cheering for the football team while at the same time thinking, “This town really needs to get a life.”  

Heroes: Ordinary people from all over the world discover they can do cool new things.   Claire--a cheerleader in Texas-- is invincible and Hiro--an adorable Japanese office worker-- can bend time and space.   I didn't watch this show at first because the previews seemed pretentious to me.   After a few friends liked it, I gave Heroes a try.   I'm glad I did.   It's one compelling show and Hiro just cracks me up too.