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 I broke down and got myself a new blog over at Word Press. They're kind of amazing.  I was able to transfer my entire Live Journal-- plus comments-- over to Word Press in just 10 minutes.  I don't have a ton of posts or comments but I have been blogging for over 6 years so I was surprised it only took ten minutes and went so smoothly. The new format is also a lot less clunky to use.

You can check out my new blog here:
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Reality Cast

Every Monday I look forward to listening to the newest podcast of Reality Cast. It's a 30-minute podcast about reproductive health issues. Each week there is a summary of all the reproductive health news for the week and then an interview with someone interesting in the reproductive health world.

It's available for free on iTunes as well.

Justice For Savita

This story really got to me and I think Jessica Valenti at The Nation  gets why this story hit me so hard:

"Savita’s death is a reminder that no matter how far we think women have come, to some we simply are not people. Our lives are worth nothing, valuable only for our bodies and what they can provide men, the state, and the culture. Most days—even when there are constant reminders of our second class status through policy or the media—I can put this feeling aside. But every once in a while there is a stark, horrifying reminder of what it means to be considered less than. There is no way to describe the pain of knowing that to so many—to your country, even—you are nothing."

"But we are not nothing. Savita was not nothing. She was a person and she was loved—as we all are. If we want to honor Savita we cannot stand by while others enshrine women’s dehumanization through policy."


Why Do We Vote on Tuesdays?

Interesting answer from this post at Treehugger.

"See, way back in 1845, Congress changed the voting laws in an apparent attempt to make things more convenient for voters. Since we were an agrarian society, many of these voters were farmers traveling from the
country into the towns and cities to vote. Since, at that time, people believed God forbid traveling on Sunday, Tuesday was a good choice because it gave them Monday as a travel day. Wednesday was the day these farmers would sell their crops in the market, so Tuesday became election day. That's pretty much it."

Prepping for Hurricane Sandy

The winds are due this afternoon so I charged my phone, music players, and Kindle. I also sent copies of my novel draft to my Kindle so I can still work on it in long-hand if the power goes out. And we charged up our lanterns so we'll have light. I really hope we don't lose power though.
Wishing everyone on the East Coast a safe storm with no power outages!

Yay! It's Back

I'm so happy the Fall TV season here! This weekend was the first time I got to watch all 3 of my favorite returning shows together: The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, and Fringe. 3 excellent episodes too. What are your 3 favorite returning shows?