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Author: Stephenie Meyers

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Copyright: 2005

Pages: 498

 For Ages: 13 to Adult

Rating: ****


Public Service Announcement for the Zombie Queen Only: Greetings!   Do not read this review.  It will drive you mad. Instead I offer you the brain of this delicious looking writer. [Rowena drags out an unnamed writer, loosens her grip, and lets the writer flee.] Quick! Go eat that brain. You’ll like it much better.


Book Review For Everyone Else:

When her mom remarries, 17-year-old Bella sacrifices her sunny home in Arizona to give the new couple space and moves in with her dad in the small rainy town of Forks, Washington.  The story starts off like a regular YA novel with Bella adjusting to small town life.  Here in Forks boys can’t seem to resist her, they certainly could in Arizona. Then she notices the beautiful pale Cullen family, especially gorgeous bronze-haired Edward Cullen.  Edward’s odd inexplicable actions toward Bella pull her in. He seems to almost be repelled by her and Bella has no idea why.  Edward’s never even met Bella or said to words to her. By the time Bella figures out Edward’s a vampire, it’s too late, Bella’s already drawn in.


This book was like an addictive drug. I read the first 100 pages in two days. By the third day I couldn’t stop and stayed up almost all night to read the last 400 pages. The story easily blends teen drama with suspense, romance, and action-adventure in unique way. I wanted to reread it again as soon as I finished. Satisfying Guilty Pleasure.



New Moon ***

Eclipse **1/2


My advice is to enjoy Twilight and skip the sequels. They aren’t horrible but they’re not half as enjoyable as Twilight. They’re both over 400 pages each and the last one is chock full of over-the-top drivel.  You can use the time to read 800 pages of something better. 

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