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TV Reviews for: Being Erica & Wild China

Being Erika (*** 1/2) - The third season of the Canadian show Being Erica is now available to Americans each week on Soapnet and for free online at Hulu. At its surface Being Erica is a fun chick-flick show. Thirty-something Erica Strong is trying to find the job and man of her dreams with the help of her unique therapist, Dr. Tom, who sends her into her past to redo decisions she regrets.  The writers aren't satisfied with doing the same plot over and over though so each season adds a deeper layer to Erica's therapy situation and her own understanding of herself without dropping any of the fun breeziness that makes the show so watchable.

If you've never watched Being Erica and want to start from the beginning you can watch all 25 episodes of season one and two for free at Hulu too. Just be warned, once you start watching it will be hard to stop. You can watch the new third season episodes each Wednesday at 10/9c on Soapnet or the next day online at Hulu.

Wild China (*** 1/2) - My dad told me about this excellent BBC nature series available on Netflix Instant viewing.  Each of the six one-hour segments highlights the environment in one region of China.  What makes this nature show unique is that the focus is not just on nature but also on how wildlife and humans interact.