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Rowena Eureka

Netflix Instant Movie Reviews For: Heartbreaker and After the Wedding

Year: 2010
Genre: French Foreign Film / Romantic Comedy
Format: Watched on Netflix Instant in French with English subtitles
Rating: *** 1/2

An adult brother, sister, and brother-in-law work as a team of professional heartbreakers.  According to our team, there are 3 kinds of women in couples, "knowingly happy, knowingly unhappy, and unhappy without admitting it."  The heartbreakers work for the family and friends of the women in category three.  "The goal: open their eyes. The method: seduction."

is a fun romantic comedy that just happens to be in French. One of the leads is Vanessa Paradis --Johnny Depp's partner-- who looks like a younger, French Michelle Pfeiffer, but with an adorable gap in her front teeth. 
She's quite cute and so is the movie. Check it out.

After The Wedding
Year: 2006
Genre: Danish Foreign Film/ Drama
Format: Watched on Netflix Instant in Danish with English subtitles
Rating: *** 1/2

 Danish Jacob has been in India for over a decade working at an orphanage.  He dislikes Denmark and everything having to do with the wealthy.  When the orphanage director asks him to fly to Denmark to meet with a potential wealthy donor, Jacob is reluctant, but the orphanage is almost bankrupt and the donor insists on talking to Jacob in person. Once Jacob gets to Denmark his life is changed in ways he hadn't planned. 

This is a wonderful small drama about people, family, and helping others.  I don't want to say anymore or I'll give away the plot, but check it out, it's worth watching.
Tags: 3.5 stars, movies, reviews

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