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Reading Question

What format do you read books in these days? Paper version? eBook? Audiobook?

My answer: I tend to read everything in eBook format whenever possible. It’s easier for me to carry 4-5 books around with me when I’m out of the house and eBooks take up less space. I have both a Kindle app and a Nook app on my smartphone and don’t even use my Kindle anymore. I even curl up in bed and read on my phone.  Really! I also listen to a lot of audiobooks on my MP3 player.

And you?



May. 8th, 2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
The Unflippablity of eBooks
True, Melissa. I do get a bit frustrated with my eBooks sometimes when I want to flip through them. That's why I now love the books that have a table of contents because I can easily pull that up on an eBook.

I tend to choose books by: first word of mouth from blog posts, Facebook and book forums, then I look them up on Amazon, and then I read a sample. It's not exactly the same as flipping through them in a bookstore but it works for me.