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The Homework Santa

I left cinnamon buns on the daughterling's desk as an end of the week surprise since she's had so much homework this year. I was doing dishes in the kitchen when she found them. She came into the kitchen and hugged me for like 5 minutes. Hee! I guess she liked the surprise.

Time Marches On

I realized almost all of the kids I'll substitute for this school year will have been born after the 9/11 attacks. It will be history for them, not something they remember.
Check it out: Here's a snippet of Greg Evain (my friend's son) on the French radio singing, "Take Me Now" from his new album. The first 30 seconds are of the radio announcer in French, but the rest of the minute long clip is the song is in English and Greg sings in English like he's American.


Conversation with the Daughterling

Daughterling: You know what I wish teachers would give us instead of homework?

Me: What?

Daughterling: Cinnamon Buns

I’ve been watching the cartoon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender because my teens loved that show.  Good show, so far. Today I noticed that the voice of a minor character sounded a lot like the character, Amanda, on Nikita.  So I looked it up, and sure enough, Melinda Clarke (who also played Julie Cooper on The O.C. and Matt’s mom on The Vampire Diaries) played the voice of the Haiku teacher. 


The Mindy Kaling Project and Go On

Anyone else see the pilots for Mindy’s Kaling’s, The Mindy Project, or Matthew Perry’s new sitcom, Go On? What did you think?

I thought each pilot had potential.  They each had a tad too many clichés that could get old if that’s all they do with their show.  Here's hoping both shows move beyond the clichés and play with the little bit of freshness that each pilot had.  Don’t disappoint me Mindy and Matthew!


It Officially Feels Like Fall Now

This morning I made chicken stock, while I listened to it drizzle outside and revised more of my kids’ novel, and tonight I go to the daughterling's school for Back-To-School night.

All Better Now

Greg Evain's solo album, All Better Now,  came out this week.  He's the son of a close childhood friend of mine.  I can't believe we now have kids who are old enough to have solo albums!

He sings and plays piano in a Pop/Jazz crooner style.  Good album and it's available on iTunes.

Check out this video of Greg and Paddy Mliner playing together:


Here's his website:


Ben and Kate

I watched the pilot for the sitcom, Ben and Kate, on Hulu.  There were a few good jokes amongst a lot of clichés and lame jokes, with a few nice moments at the end.  The actor who played Kate was really pretty though.  So I looked her up, turns out she’s Dakota Johnson, daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.